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October 28, 2016
By Sylvia McNamee

Get the Most from your Post: When to Post to Social Media

Mijo! Brands has a handy guide to the best posting times for your brand’s social media accounts.

Get the Most from your Post:  When to Post to Social Media

So you are remembering that “content is king” and spending the time and effort sourcing and creating exciting content for your social media platforms, will get your target audience activated and engaged.  Good job.  So how come you aren’t getting the response you’re aiming for?  It all comes down to timing.

When to post is an important question, yet a difficult one to answer and it depends on many factors:  what platform are you using?  What regions are you targeting?  Are you aiming for clicks or for shares?  How does your target generally react and interact with your content?  That’s a lot to consider.  Luckily, many researchers have studied optimal times to post across different platforms and Mijo! Brands presents you a general guideline of the best time to post to social media for maximum impact.


Wednesday 3 to 4pm

Thursday and Friday 1 to 4pm

Weekends 12 to 1pm


Monday through Friday 12 to 3pm

And Wednesday 5 to 6pm


Tuesday through Thursday 730 to 830 am, 12pm and 5 to 6pm

And Tuesday 10 to 11am


Daily during the evening

Friday 5pm

Saturday 8 to 11pm


Anytime!  Except Monday through Thursday 3 to 4pm

This schedule is based on the Eastern and Central Time Zones which make up 80% of the U.S population and account for the great majority of Mexico.   Try scheduling your social media postings according to this guideline and see what a difference it will make in the reach and engagement your platforms receive.

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