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July 9, 2019
By Valeria Ruelas

When Inspiration “Ghosts” You

5 points that will stop inspiration from ghosting you.

When Inspiration “Ghosts” You

Sometimes, inspiration leaves. It does that thing we know in our millennial times as ghosting. It leaves without a warning; it simply leaves us abandoned melancholic, thinking “well, it will come back when it feels like it.” However, we get anxious about wanting it back, just like that toxic ex that comes and goes.

Therefore, today I will show you the following tips to encourage that blessed inspiration to return to your life, with more strength and brilliance.

1. Unplug from the technological universe

Just as it’s important to keep up with your friends’ or crush’s gossip, the news, the latest fashion trends, the most recent video that your favorite youtuber uploaded, the new memes, etcetera, it’s also important that you connect with yourself. To achieve this, it is good for us, from time to time, to turn off everything that distracts us.

Set daily goals for a certain range of time to use the Internet and be aware of all your electronic devices. It might be difficult the first days, since we have become dependent on all these devices; If you do it little by little, decreasing one hour each day, you will reach a point where you will no longer be so dependent on it.

Find other hobbies during that time, it could be reading, drawing, painting, writing, watching movies, going for a walk, going for a coffee or exercising. This way you will exercise your brain and make it concentrate on activities that motivate you to think outside the box. It will be out of your comfort zone and that always brings good results.

2. Go ahead and try new things

It’s time to get out of your routine and start looking for new ways to entertain yourself. Instead of sitting there waiting for inspiration to arrive, get active! There is no worse way to lose your spirits in life than to be doing nothing, wasting your time lamenting what you can do or could’ve done.

Instead, get your act together and dare to try new things. Dive right into what you always wanted to do but haven’t done because you were too afraid of what people might say, afraid of rejection, of embarrassment or whatever the case may be.

The point is that you find ways to motivate you. You don’t need to do daring things. Something simple, like going to see a movie alone or asking out that person who makes your heart beat faster, can awaken something new in you. It will lighten up a little voice that encourages you to follow that path that will generate the feeling ” that you can do everything “. It will also keep you in a good mood.

3. Fly, fly, you don’t need luggage

It is not necessary to go to the other side of the planet to attract inspiration; Even a one-hour trip can rewire you completely. The important thing here is that you encourage yourself to leave the your usual place and go to a new one; give yourself the opportunity to meet new people, landscapes and sensations. It is one of the best ways for your mind to feel stimulated.

These kind of changes, will arouse a thirst in you to innovate and modify certain things in your life that perhaps are not giving you satisfaction at all. It’s like a pretty powerful pill of vitamin that changes the landscape of life and the more you move, the more it wakes up in you. There will come a point when you will even be surprised by all the new things you will feel; but don’t be scared, only good things will start to come into your life.

4. Build your support network

There is something that certainly can help us when the moment comes to let our inspiration emerge, and that is to surround ourselves with people who stimulate that side of us that we didn’t know. That part that we had hidden. All because we always make an excuse, like we never have time or we are too tired to explore new facets of our personality. There are people out there that can help us get out of those four imaginary walls that suffocate us, tie us to an overwhelming endless routine, which stresses and extinguishes us.

Find friends that are that which you want to be. For example, if you want to start playing basketball, become friends with someone who loves to play sports, someone who’s very active and that way you can join their lifestyle, which will attract as a consequence more people who share this same interest.

5. Get creative

Explore your creativity with artistic hobbies; take classes in painting, writing, poetry, sculpture, drawing or dance. Do something that you really want to do and that helps you to express yourself and let go more. That way your mind will no longer feel that rigidity and will begin to flow freely, without so many ties.

Art is a great medicine for our body, mind and soul. However corny that sounds, this helps us discover ourselves. Art helps to uncover those corners of our mind that we hide because of fears that have been formed through life and were left there unattended because we believe it is already too late. However, something like expressing ourselves fluidly, helps to untie those knots and encourages us to feel a certain lightness in our bodies, which will gradually open the door for inspiration to enter.

As you can see, there is nothing special about calling the beloved inspiration to return to our lives. The difficult thing sometimes, is to break with all those prejudices that we have deeply rooted, which don’t allow us to be or express ourselves. That’s pretty much what inspiration is all about; freedom. So, set your goals and follow these 5 points that will stop inspiration from ghosting you.


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